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Do not forget people in need as Eid al-Fitr due arrive

Undoubtedly, poverty and destitution are hard and our people have long suffered economic problems and are impatiently waiting for help and cooperation, particularly, during Eid days. When rich people and their children buy new clothes and colorful foods or want to go to recreational areas, they should not forget that there are thousands of Afghan citizens who have nothing to eat or wear during the holy religious festival. The poor and the needy people, with dry lips and old and torn clothes, are waiting for cooperation from their rich brothers and they wish that they will not be overlooked during these days and at least their stomachs and the stomachs of their children to be filled with enough food or be capable to buy new clothes. In these blessed days, it is necessary for the country’s businesspersons and rich not to forget this deprived class and besides eating, drinking and wearing new and expensive clothes, they should also pay attention to the day and the situation of the poor and needy of the country and make them happy during the few blessed days. They should make them and their children smile during the joyful days. This should not be tolerable for a rich men or women to eat and wear while a poor person next to him does not have a piece of bread to eat and clothes to wear. The holy religion of Islam has always ordered Muslims to cooperate and help the poor and needy and to do this important matter, it has a lot of emphasis and orders and praise and praises those helping them and promised them a high position among others. The days of Eid al-Fitr are approaching, according to the nation and the government, and especially the businessmen and rich people, it is very necessary not to forget the poor and the needy and with their help and cooperation, make the flower of smile bloom on the lips of the poor and their children and get a great reward in the two worlds.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.