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Distinguished character, personality of Supreme Leader of IEA

I participated in the grand assembly of Afghan scholars after I received an invitation. As the Dari presenter, I attended consecutively for three days in the Loya Jirga (grand assembly of leaders) Hall. Under the guidance and directive of Mawlavi Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and the members of the commission, the assembly was organized and managed by Mawlavi Ahmadullah Wasiq, the former head of the National Radio and Television, and me, j’Abdullah Hamed Tatark’, the editorial in chief of Anis national daily. We invited the guests and speakers to the podium, and they spoke extensively about the current situation in the country and national affairs, expressing their viewpoints. The assembly was very captivating and magnificent, with representatives from all ethnicities and classes of Afghanistan present in this great session. Speakers addressed various topics and were generally well-received, often receiving applause and approval from the participants. On the second day of the session, on Friday (10th of Saratan 1401), while Mawlavi Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Minister of Interior, was delivering a speech, the Supreme Leader, Shaikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, may Allah protect him, entered the public hall. The audience in the assembly echoed Takbir’s, and we, the organizers of the program, welcomed him with revolution ary slogans, motivational chants, and epic and jihadist poems of the honorable Shaikh. Sirajuddin Haqqani respectfully stopped his speech in honor of the distinguished Supreme Leader and rushed to shake hands and inquire about his well-being. After paying respect to the Supreme Leader and obtaining permission, Haqqani resumed his speech. Following the elaboration on various topics, he concluded with his statement. Afterward, two or three of the prominent scholars and hadith experts of the country delivered speeches addressing important scientific, Islamic, and national issues. Subsequently, the Supreme Leader, may Allah protect him, commenced his speech, eloquently expressing important political, national, and scientific topics in the light of Quran and Sharia laws with clarity and eloquence. From the recitation of verses and hadiths, as well as his manner of speech and expression, it was evident that the Supreme Leader is a distinguished scholarly figure and a great thinker in the Muslim world. He possesses complete awareness of both religious and political matters, and he can aptly shoulder the significant and weighty responsibility that comes with the leadership of the Islamic Emirate. The Supreme Leader exhibits academic greatness, a graceful demeanor, and a suitable physique, and he wears simple and traditional attire. He has a thick but mostly white beard, and his countenance, stature, and appearance are all admirable. During my nearly threehour interaction with His Excellency, I perceived him to be physically robust and, in terms of intellect and spirituality, a well-endowed individual. He is committed, confident, stable, humble, and a knowledgeable thinker. During his speech, he exuded complete composure and stability, defending the position of Islam, Muslims, and Mujahidin with eloquence and decisiveness. He considered America and the enemies of Islam as defeated, describing the nonbelieving world as the adversaries of Muslims in terms of belief and faith. He characterized the war between right and wrong, in accordance with the Hadith, as continuing until the Day of Judgment. Despite the several challenges that Afghanistan faces, he spoke from a high stance. He refrained from uttering any words that could introduce a flaw in the history and grandeur of Afghanistan. With a radiant face and a strong stature, he addressed more than eight thousand audiences without any reservation. With eloquence and clarity, he conveyed essential topics to the nation using beautiful combinations and excellent content. The Supreme Leader expressed gratitude and appreciation for jihad, the sacrifices of the martyr-seeking people, and the heroic narrative of Afghanistan in addition to scientific, national, and political matters. He also acknowledged the efforts of religious scholars who played roles in various aspects of jihad. The Supreme Leader also considered the entire noble nation of Afghanistan as contributors to the jihad, struggle, and the defeat of America and NATO. Along with several scholars of Hadith, religious scholars, and unarmed individuals, he attended the Loya Jirga Hall. He humbly sat in an ordinary chair and spent hours in the presence of scholars, influential figures, jihadists, political figures, and national and cultural figures of Afghanistan. To conclude, Afghanistan today is blessed with a leader who is humble yet prominent, and the Muslim Ummah should take pride in having such a leader—a symbol of holiness, purity, courage, and erudition. It is emphasized that they should continuously uphold their allegiance and loyalty to this leader. I gained profound spiritual benefits from the meaningful presence of the Supreme Leader, and I correctly understood that Afghanistan is a land of nurturing religion, courage, breaking the chains of oppressors, and invincibility. I became confident that beloved Afghanistan will no longer succumb to the bitterness and conspiracies of enemies of Islam, and it will not become a breeding ground or a base for invaders and occupiers As Afghanistan holds a high Islamic position and political influence, it currently possesses a vital core status within the body of the Muslim world and serves as a guiding light for the Islamic Ummah. The enemies of Islam and Afghanistan must erase any invasion plans from their minds and understand that they cannot defeat the resilient and formidable warriors of this land any longer. Their sinister and diabolical goals will no longer be realized. Munir Ahmad Tanwir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.