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Disgraceful treatment of Afghan migrants should be investigated

Reaction from Afghan citizens has poured in after a video showing the mistreatment of Afghan refugees by the Iranian border police went viral on social media. A number of Afghan refugees who recently repatriated from Iran have criticized the Iranian border police of mistreating them.
This is while that Afghan refugees in Pakistan has also time and again complained about Police misbehave with them and asking the UN agencies to address their problems through convincing the host states to respect the human rights.
Human Rights Watch has documented violations against Afghan refugees and migrants in Iran, including physical abuse, detention in unsanitary and inhumane conditions, forced payment for transportation and accommodation in deportation camps, forced labor, and forced separation of families.
Meanwhile the organization has previously said Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has recruited thousands of undocumented Afghans living there to fight for pro-Iranian militias in Syria since 2013.
Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) summoned the Iranian ambassador in Kabul to protest over ‘disgraceful treatment’ of some Afghan migrants by his country’s security forces.
A MoFA statement said it condemned ‘inhuman treatment’ of Afghan migrants by Iranian security personnel. The envoy of neighboring country was conveyed Kabul’s concern about the torture and humiliation of Afghan migrants.
According to the statement, Iran’s deputy ambassador Syed Saeed Hussaini also denounced the torture of Afghan migrants by security personnel and termed it as ‘un-Islamic and inhuman act’. He stressed over investigation of the incident by his government.
Indeed, the political and security situation in Afghanistan has forced many Afghans to leave their homeland and move to other countries to take refuge. There are many Afghans living in the neighboring countries because of the ongoing clashes and severe social and economic conditions in the last four decades.
Pakistan and Iran are two prominent countries where most of the Afghans have moved and are finding ways to survive there. Though the end of Taliban regime and the developments being made in the country have convinced several families of refugees to return to their country, yet many still remained in these countries since they have already established their families and businesses.
In the neighboring countries, Afghan refugees have not always been welcomed with warm hugs; every now and then they have been the victims of discrimination and ill-treatment. Most of the Afghan refugees in the neighboring countries, especially in Iran and Pakistan have suffered the consequences of fluctuations in the way they are treated.
Definitely, our neighboring countries have their own problems; they are developing countries and they have their own social, economic and political issues; however, they have been supported by international community and United Nations to assist the refugees and guarantee their rights under international laws.
The recent torture of the Afghan citizens is against the accepted human rights laws, and the government of Iran should impartially investigate the issue and convince the Afghan government.Since the two countries enjoying deep historical and culture ties, no doubt such misbehave of the Iranian military forces would have bad consequences over the relations of the two countries and people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.