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Development requires sure security

Mazar-i-Sharif - Afghanistan - June 28, 2021: Afghan peoples are shopping and walking Old city bazaar of Kabul, Afghanistan.It is a city on the border of Uzbekistan.

Since the last more than one and half a year of the Islamic Emirate’s return to power, Afghanistan has gained billions of Afghanis in revenue.
Tens of factories of various types have been built and scores remaining from the previous government, have been reactivated over the period.
Hundreds of uplift projects, including construction schemes, have been launched with tens more completed countrywide.
Construction projects, in areas with relatively tropical climate, are still on the run and hundreds of kilometers of roads, streets and sidewalks are either asphalted or graveled.
Although, sure countrywide security, has been restored, soon after the takeover of the Islamic Emirate to power, but attacks and bombing have soared up on some public facilities, foreign organizations and certain entities the protection of which are the responsibility of the country’s security forces.
In the latest security incident, at least seven people have lost their lives and some others wounded, when an explosion struck a vehicle carrying employees of the provincial directorate of petroleum in Balkh province.
The blast, according to reports, was the result of a roadside bomb that targeted the vehicle which all of them were civilians, innocent, the murder of them, contrary to Islamic teaching and deserve heavy punishment.
On Friday, late on last week, two consecutive armed attacks in Kabul claimed at least one life and wounded some others, with the exact casualties still unknown.
In the country’s eastern Nangarhar province, at least six civilians have been reported wounded, when a blast hit a Sikh temple, while in many other parts of the country, similar incidents as well as some criminal activities are being reported.
All these are factors can threat the security of the people and create challenges before development of the country.
Such insecurities, if not controlled, would also encourage certain vicious groups to continue their standoff against the people and the government.
So, the security forces of the Islamic Emirate, particularly, police should always be vigilant to foil any heinous plots, based on operative information.
The people should also cooperate with the security forces to restrain such attacks and help the citizens live peacefully.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.