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Development of Islamic libraries essential for young generation, Malikzada

BAZARAK: The Director of the Information and Culture Department of the country’s central province of Panjshir, Mawlavi Nasrullah Malikzada said the development of Islamic libraries is necessary for the rapid intellectual growth of the young generation, according to a statement from the department Sunday. Referring to the importance of Islamic libraries, Malikzada said his-led department is trying to revive Islamic libraries to work on the mentality of young people and try to accept Islamic thoughts and prevent Western thoughts, according to the statement. “Libraries in Islamic history occupy an important position. Its existence is very difficult to separate from the development and progress of science and Islamic civilization, especially in the 8-10 century AD,” the statement quoted Malikzada as saying. The function of the library in Islamic history is first, a place to look for reference material for knowledge claimants at various levels of education; second, the material for the study of Islamic intellectuals; third, a storage center for valuable books and manuscripts by scientists, fourth, as a meeting place for scientific discussion and intellectual debate, and fifth, to become a symbol of the development. Islamic libraries consist of five types: academy libraries, special libraries, public libraries, school libraries, and mosque libraries. The Academy’s Library is the most famous in Islamic civilization. Among the most famous is the Baghdad library (Baitul Hikmah). Special Libraries. Libraries of this type have spread throughout the Islamic country in a wide and good form. School Libraries. Islamic civilization has prioritized its attention to establishing schools so that all people can study. A library must be established in every school as something obligatory to support the smooth teaching and learning process. Schools in the Islamic world spread widely to almost all corners of the country, All Islamic schools are equipped with libraries. Mosque and University Libraries. This type of library is designated as the first library in Islam. Libraries grew in Islamic history with the growth and construction of mosques. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.