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Development halted with 2017 ouster of my govt: Nawaz

NAROWAL: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan of 2017 which he left is not visible today as unemployment and poverty have made lives of the people miserable. Speaking at a public meeting in Sialkot on Sunday, the former prime minister said those who brought about this state of affairs in the country and caused unemployment, poverty and inflation, have done great injustice to the masses. “Had my government not terminated, the youth would not have been unemployed today,” the PML-N supreme leader claimed, adding that the journey of development was stopped with his ouster. He said that due to inflation, the masses were unable to pay electricity bills, chil dren’s school fees and if someone fell ill in their home, they could not buy medicine. Currently, the price of bread ranged between Rs20 and Rs25, sugar at Rs150 and petrol price was beyond control, he said, adding that all necessities of daily life are beyond the reach of the people. He said the people did not have money to marry their daughters or build their houses. The former prime minister claimed his party was still popular among the youth of the country, as the PML-N government gave laptops to students to help them hone their skills and get opportunities in the service sector. Had the projects started by the PML-N government not been closed, the youth would have been employed at present, the PMLN supreme leader asserted. He said if the people made the PML-N successful again in the Feb 8 general elections, “we will give loans to the educated and skilled youth to help them start their own businesses”. He said if the PML-N was again voted to power, “we will again give laptops and computers to students so that they can progress in their respective fields. But we will have to work hard day and night again to get Pakistan out of the present difficulties”. He then asked the crowd to promise him that they would work hard together. On the occasion, the PML-N supremo also pledged that all facilities would be provided to Sialkot businessmen so that they expand their businesses. On Feb 8, he said, the PMLN would be successful and take the responsibility of the country’s development on its shoulders. Addressing the public meeting, PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif said political opponents alleged Nawaz Sharif did not go out and hold public rallies, but the entire country was witness to the public gathering in Sialkot. He criticised PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and said that a “political philanthropist” was fond of taking out labour card and farmer card at public meetings. dawn

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