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Devastating floods destroy dozens of houses, wash out hundreds of acres of land in Badakhshan, official

FAIZABAD: Recent devastating floods have caused huge financial losses for the people in he country’s northeastern province of Badakhshan, the provincial Disaster Management Department said in a statement the other day. Director of Disaster Management of the provincial disaster management department, Mohammad Kamgar said scores of houses, shops and thousands of Jeribs of agricultural land and water canals, hundreds of kilometers of roads, and scores of bridges and culverts have been destroyed due to recent floods in Jurm, Wardoj and Shuhada districts of the province, according to the statement. He added that the statistics are the preliminary figures and after assessments by the appointed team of the flood-affected area, the final figures will be shared soon. Referring to the damages of the floods, Kamgar stated that the floods blocked the transportation roads of Zibak, Wakhan, Ishkashim and Shukhnan districts of the province. Based on the figures of the State Ministry for Disaster Management, more than 350 people have so far been martyred, thousands of acres of land, and hundreds of houses and bridges destroyed across the country. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.