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Deputy PM Mullah Beradar assists 53m Afg to quake-hit families

KABUL: First Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate on economic affairs, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, visited Khost and Paktika provinces and donated an aid of up to 53 million Afghanis to the earthquake victims’ families, a statement from his office said.
Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Beradar expressed sympathy and condolence to the quake-hit families, according to the statement.
“The Islamic Emirate stands with you and will support you until your destroyed homes are reconstructed and your lives returned normal,” the statement quoted Beradar as saying.
The Islamic Emirate has already delivered aids for the victims of the tragedy, the statement added. Beradar also distributed about 53 million Afghanis to rebuild their houses and shelter, according to the statement.
In addition, it’s planned that in the coming days, several million Afghanis to be distributed for the quake-affected families in a transparent manner by the Disaster Management Commission.
Meanwhile, expressing their support tribal elders, scholars, and influential figures of the southeast provinces praised the Islamic Emirate’s efforts.
“The Islamic Emirate is the people’s system, and the system has come as a result of your sacrifices,” said the deputy prime minister.
Mullah Beradar also, praised all the national and international communities to providing assistances to the victims of the earthquake.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.