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Deputy PM Mawlavi Kabir meets ex-transportation minister

KABUL: Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate on political affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir met with the ex-transportation minister, Hassan Mubarak Azizi who recently returned home, Bakhtar News Agency reported the other day.
The returning ex-transportation minister Hassan Mubarak Azizi expressed pleasure over countrywide secure and shared his good consultation and suggestions with deputy Prime Minister, according to the agency.
He said he travelled to many provinces of the country and felt safe and security as he didn’t over the past twenty years.
Azizi also spoke about the good behavior of the Islamic Emirate authorities and said some malicious media showed the situation in Afghanistan very difficult and complicated, the agency quoted.
“The Islamic Emirate has enough opportunities and the opportunities should be turned into power,” said Azizi as quoted by the agency. “Regional coordination, girls’ education and engagement with the international community are the most important.”
Welcoming the returning ex-minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir shared information about recent developments and plans in political, economic and security areas, the state-run agency quoted.
“The Islamic Emirate has developed good engagement with world and talks are underway with the countries including the U.S.,” the deputy prime minister said hoping the talks could give good consecutive.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.