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Deputy PM Kabir meets Turkish ambassador to Kabul

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate for Political Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir has met with the Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan, Cihad Erginay, here in Kabul, his office said in a statement Tuesday. In the farewell meeting, Cihad Erginay said that his diplomatic mission as Turkish ambassador in Afghanistan has ended, thanking the Islamic Emirate for cooperation and ensuring the security of the Turkish Embassy during his mission in Kabul, according to the statement. Assuring his country’s humanitarian aids to Afghanistan, Erginay said that after ending his mission in Kabul, he will try and work to solve the challenges facing Afghans, the statement added. Commending Erginay’s successful diplomatic mission in Kabul, Mawlavi Kabir said that your efforts were appreciable in resuming the country’s construction projects, the statement further added. “Afghanistan and Turkey have a long and common history and the Islamic Emirate is making efforts to further develop mutual based interest’s relations with the Turkish government,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Kabir as saying. Deputy PM Kabir also asked Ambassador Erginay to encourage the Turkish investors to come and invest in Afghanistan, assuring that the Islamic Emirate will be ready to provide them with the necessary facilities. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.