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Deputy MoIC Farahi meets Nangarhar university lecturers, culturists

JALALABAD: The Deputy Publications Minister of Information and Culture, Mawlavi Hayatullah Muhajer Farahi met with a number of government officials, scholars, university lecturers and influential figures of the country’s eastern province of Nangarhar, a statement said Tuesday.
Deputy Minister Farahi expressed pleasure for being among Nangarhar University lecturers, culturists and writers and said: “We will convey your demands to the IEA authorities.”
He added that the Ministry of Information and Culture has established a department, which will write the history of the past 20 years, collect works of the Mujahidin and the tools used by the people and Mujahidin in the past 20 years of jihad and that the respective directorate will start its work in the coming year.
Meanwhile, the provincial director of the Information and Culture of Nangarhar Mawlavi Noor Mohammad Hanif welcomed the participants and called the meeting important in the ongoing situation of the country, the statement said.
“Writers and youths should use their power for the prosperity and reconstruction of our country and with pen, we should do our intellectual campaign,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Hanif as saying. Meanwhile, one of the university lecturers Mohammad Hamayoun Hamkar welcomed the participants and spoke about the Islamic and national values.
“Afghans have always worked hard for the Islamic system in the course of history and the Ministry of Information and Culture should keep Islamic and national values,” said Hamkar adding youths should be hired in the public administrations.
In a separate meeting with the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mullah Nayem Akhund, assured that challenges faced by media will be addressed in the eastern zone.
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