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Deputy MoIC appreciated

KABUL: Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Fazel Sancharaki was appreciated by the High Committee on Food Security and Nutrition National Agenda, for his well leadership and management of the advocacy and public awareness group, BNA reported the other day.
In an interview with Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), the deputy minister, after receiving the letter of appreciation, said that by passing each day, both the government officials and the people are fully realizing the importance of the agenda for food security and nutrition. “Promotion of the agenda, however challenging, is our main responsibilities.”
He said as the key partner of the agenda, the ministry of information and culture has so far successfully held 10 advocacy and public awareness meetings about the food security and nutrition that indicates the ministry’s commitment to the agenda.
“Our colleagues are not seeing to the agenda as an administrative work, but it has close relation to our live and totally to the public live of the people and we are looking to it as ethical and human mission and are making effort in this implementation,” the deputy minister said as quoted by the agency.
According to him, the Ministry of Information and Culture, like before would do what it could in implementation of the agenda for the coming year, the agency quoted.
Sancharaki went on as saying that the main goals of the advocacy and public awareness plan was effectiveness on issues relating to decision-makings and that the agenda should be lodged in any of the programs, as he believed with awareness, the ministry would never be able to bring change in the decision-making in the interest of the agenda.
He asked other administrations to help popularize the agenda, through providing public awareness, the agency quoted.
The agency noted that a number of ministries and administrations as well as the international agencies have also been appreciated for their effort and active cooperation for promotion of the agenda.
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