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Deported Afghans need urgent aids, shelters

Pakistan’s deadline for full deportation and forced return of Afghans is ending. The untimely plan has sent hundreds of thousands of Afghans to their country where they will face critical conditions including lack of primary essentials and shelters, after their return. Pakistani Interior Minister once again highlighted the deportation of Afghan nationals as the November 1 deadline is reaching its end. According to him, the deportation process will begin on November 2, which will include two to three rounds each week. The deportation which is against all international migration rules, included Afghan national card holders, people possessing POR (proof of registration cards), and refugees registered with UNHCR and all have been said to be expelled in accordance with the subversive plan. However, the decision to force the return of hundreds of thousands of Afghans from Pakistan sparked reactions from the international community including the human rights watchdogs. Likewise, thousands of Afghan refugees have recently been forced by neighboring Iran to return home or they are on their way to the country. In this respect, the preparation of the Islamic Emirate is highly appreciable as the authorities said they would provide essential health and food facilities for the Afghans returning from Pakistan and those with no caretaker in their families will be provided with assistance within their capacity. The Islamic Emirate will help them with transport, and having access to essential materials and food, but this is the responsibility of the entire Afghans to pay attention in this field and join their government in aiding the returnees, as the current government; the Islamic Emirate, is not in a state to fully fund and support thousands of returnees amid upcoming cold winter season here in the country. All charitable organizations, including national businessmen and real estate agencies, have to storm for aids to their deported countrymen under strict conditions. Through a countrywide campaign, they should provide them with emergency aids, winter-clothing and most importantly free shelters as much as they could. Under the harsh conditions, the real estate agencies should provide the returnees with low houses and welcome their countrymen with winter materials, including food and shelter, as harsh winter is due to arrive and destitute Afghans are waiting for assistance from both national and International agencies. The government, in case of violation of the real estate agencies to lower the house rents, should take the lead and do its best to provide houses with reasonable rents.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.