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Demolishing terrorists’ hideouts a must for realization of peace

Quoting from the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the media have reported his country is expecting that the western port of Pakistan with Afghanistan should be no secure hideout for “terrorists”, and the message of Washington could not be clear more than this.
According to these media, the US Secretary of State who was speaking in a briefing with media in October 23rd, in respond to role of Pakistan in Afghan peace process said if Pakistan not to be honest in its this effort, the US would account with.
Hinting to his recent tour to Pakistan and meeting with leaders of this country, Mike Pompeo asserted that we laid emphasize during these meetings that the policy of US regarding South Asia didn’t change, and we want from Pakistan not to be a secure hideout for terrorists any more.
The US Secretary of State added that today, all are in favor of peace and security in Afghanistan and to reach this goal, Pakistan should not be changed into a secure shelter for Taliban, Haqqani network and other terrorist grouping.
It is considered that it would be a clear message to Pakistan government civil incharges and even the religious society of this country that should not support the violence process and continuation of war in Afghanistan any more and not support terrorists from behind.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held meetings last Wednesday with leaders of Pakistan’s newly elected government, where the two sides agreed to make effort to reset trouble bilateral relations to jointly push peace in Afghanistan.
The discussions however, appeared to have focused mainly on the crisis in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s important role to help end it.
We all know that we need to try and develop a peaceful resolution in Afghanistan, which benefits certainly Afghanistan, but also the United States and Pakistan. Pompeo added. And I’m hopeful that the foundation that we laid today will set the conditions for continued success as we start to move forward, Pompeo told reporters before departing for neighboring India.
The international community and at the head the US believes that Pakistan is supportive of those groupings who are fighting government, people of Afghanistan and international community and these groupings have secure shelter and centers inside Pakistan soil.
Now, not only government and people of Afghanistan believe that Pakistan comprehensively supports to continue violence and war in Afghanistan but in general, there is no one to have no believe to it.
The message of Pompeo to Pakistan is very clear and the individuals and institutions in government, military and ISI should eliminate the secure shelters of terrorism in Pakistan what all are in favor of realization of peace and ending of war in Afghanistan and it is Pakistan that stands before this righteous demand of all and make effort to support violence and war.
Need is felt this country to help peace be maintained in Afghanistan what is a pre-condition for realization of peace and stability in the region.
But, question is raised that whether the government, military and intelligence service of Pakistan (ISI) is ready to help honestly Afghanistan and international community in wiping out of secure shelters of terrorists existed in this country?
In past and now, Pakistan always promised to help Afghanistan in war on terror but, in practice, this country is the supporter of war and violence in our country.
The war in Afghanistan is an undeclared and proxy one and Pakistan would not simply pass through it.
So far, Pakistan thinks that this country can ensure its interests through terrorist groupings such as Taliban and Haqqani networks in lieu of accepting a modern and strong government in Afghanistan that be independent in its relations especially in its foreign policy considering to its national interests.
So, the witnesses concerned believe that an international meeting should be help that forced Pakistan to help Afghanistan honestly in maintaining peace and security in this country.
According to the strategy of US in South Asia as Mike Pompeo mentioned is exerting pressure on Pakistan to become ready to accept the demand of international community that is ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan and in the region. Otherwise, this country would pay much before its wrong policy that is in contradiction with the demand of international community.
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