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‘Delegation to visit Turkmenistan to address Afghan traders’ problems’

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with a number of national traders and relevant officials to discuss problems of Afghan traders.
In the meeting, Afghan traders importing gas were complaining that they are facing with double treatment in the country’s ports, saying that their gas tankers have been stopped in the country’s ports for the pretext of being low-quality. They asserted that traders have purchased gas from Turkmenistan and the company sending gas to Afghanistan has this time sent low-quality gas; therefore, their tankers have been stopped, asking for addressing the problems through legal channel.
After hearing problems of Afghan traders, the country’s chief executive said that any kind of double treatment with national traders was unacceptable and the issue would be addressed after overall reviews.
Chief executive instructed relevant organs to dispatch a delegation to Turkmenistan as soon as possible to address the problems.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.