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Delay in results declaration to affect people’s trust on election process

According to the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), declaring date of elections’ primary results has once again been postponed for at least one more week.
Deputy IEC spokesperson, Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi told media that to address complaints, ensure transparency and separate black votes from white, the IEC has decided to put off the declaring date of elections’ primary results.
We are making effort to announce the primary results of a number of provinces at the beginning of next week, he further said.
The elections primary results were expected to be declared on Aqrab 19, but it has been delayed by IEC due to some problems.
Earlier, it has been said that primary results of ten provinces would be announced on Qaus 2 and the rest of provinces on Qaus 9. But, the ten provinces’ elections results were not announced on Qaus 2 and it has been put off once again.
The complaints IEC is talking about are mostly on voting centers have been closed for hours on Mizan 28, malfunctioning biometric system and non familiarization of IEC staff with it, irregularity in sending voters’ list and many more that have caused to raise people’s criticisms on the elections process.
Electoral Complaints Commission has declared it registered almost 12000 complaints and addressed 10000 of them as well as it has invalidated the votes of a number of polling centers.
IEC has declared it would address the complaints and ensure transparency in this regard.
Delay in declaring date of elections results has caused to create doubts among the people.
Therefore, IEC should practice what it says to people particularly to voters and candidates.
IEC is expected to declare the elections results as soon as possible and don’t make the people to wait anymore.
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