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Delay in IEA recognition harmful for both sides

As Afghanistan is now safe and secure for all international institutions including embassies and all diplomatic missions, all world governments have to recognize the Islamic Emirate and ensure firm political engagement with the Islamic Emirate, via diplomatic and economic channels, as any step taken in this field would be in the interest of both sides.
In his recent remarks, the Islamic Emirate’s acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, once again called on the world countries to reopen their embassies and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.
The neighboring countries of Iran and Turkiye have earlier handed over their diplomatic mission (embassy and consulate) to the Islamic Emirate diplomats, while Qatar and some other countries have been reportedly keen to welcome the IEA diplomats.
On the other hand, Afghanistan, under the Islamic system has met all conditions, lodged in the Doha peace agreement, including preventing any threats felt from the country towards any other nations including, neighbors, region and the world as a whole.
There is no evidence to show that the country’s soil has been used against any other countries, or a strong terrorist activity has been witnessed in any parts of the country.
The Islamic Emirate wants good relations with all world countries, particularly its neighbors and the Islamic Emirate never allows terrorist elements to use Afghanistan’s soil against other countries and disturb security of other nations.
While, U.S. drones are violating the airspace of Afghanistan, under the pretext of targeting terrorist hideouts, the Islamic Emirate strongly rejects any militancy inside the country and condemns any similar activities by other countries to violate the airspace of an independent country.
Afghanistan is not and will never be a haven for terrorists and the Islamic Emirate’s forces are the frontliner of war on any kind of anti-security activities.
So, times has now reached for the world countries and international organizations, including the European countries, to reopen their embassies and diplomatic missions and resume their activities in Afghanistan. This is in the interest of both sides, as Afghanistan is the center of trade not only for the central Asian nations, but also for the whole region and the world. The regional countries can benefit from large volumes of trade with Afghanistan after becoming a sure economic crossroad.
So, the U.S. should not seek excuse in the way towards recognition of the Islamic Emirate nor create obstacles before other nations to recognize it.
This is to be noted that any failure to continue with the closure of embassies or delay political engagement with Afghanistan, would help the ongoing economic crisis worsen further than ever in the poverty-affected nation, with the negative consequences would eventually felt by other nations, particularly the neighbors and the region.
Despite the fact that Russia, China, Turkiye, Qatar as well as the neighboring Pakistan, Iran and Uzbekistan have their embassies and diplomatic missions open in Kabul, but this is not enough, they should step up towards official recognition of the IEA, as the move would encourage other countries to resume bilateral political engagement with the Islamic system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.