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Deh Afghanan; a historic site in Kabul city

Deh Afghanan is considered as one of the historic and old sites in Kabul city.
This historic site is located beside other historic locations as Dehmazang, Deh Bori, Deh Yahya, Chahardehi and others mostly located in the eastern part of Asmayee mountain. It is bordered by Joy Shir, Andarabi and Pul-e-Bagh Umomi to the south, Shahr-e-Aara and Ben-e-Nezar to the north, Shahr-e-Naw to the east, and Asmayee to the west.
Babur shah has recalled this historic location in his book ‘Babur Nama’.
In the past one century, this historic site become popular and got more valuable as the former King Amanullah was living in this historic place. During the distribution first tazkira in 1920, King Amanullah said, “Write Deh Afghanan as my residency in my tazkira.”
His personal and residential home was previously in Deh Afghanan’s Gardan Saray, but later it was granted to Mahmoud Tarzi.
It means that the Stoor palace, presidential palace, Bostan Saray, Gulistan Sara and Garden Sara ‘current Zarnegar park’ were among properties of Deh Afghanan.
There was a small village beside Deh Afghanan stream the founder of it was Mohammad Ghaws, a real resident of Kabul. The people called the respective area as Deh Ghawsak and now it is famed as Deh Ghawchak.
Mahmoud Tarzi was living in Deh Ghawsak ‘now Deh Ghawchak’ from 1906 – 1917. His home was the property of the government and it was previously named as Mullah Tokhi.
It is worth mentioning that a number of the then government’s employees as deputy foreign minister Abdullah Yaftali, Ghulam Rasoul Parmach, interior minister Abdul Qadir, Zarabi’s family, Mullah Wardak and Sabahuddin Kishkiki, defense minister Gen. Rafi, interior minister Mohammad Omar Wardak and national assembly’s speaker during the kingdom of Zahir Shah and dozens of doctors, knowledgeable figures and poets have once lived in this historic place. Besides, there were two schools for girls and boys in Deh Afghanan in the central part of Kabul, the capital.
Saida Ahmadi

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