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Defense Ministry rejects SIGAR report on Afghan military death increase

By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), in its fresh report, said that over 60 percent of the Afghan security forces casualties happened during defensive against the Taliban offensive and attacks.
Rejecting the report, the country’s defense ministry spokesman, Rohullah Ahmadzay said that the country’s security forces and defense forces are on offensive against the militants.
“The country’s security and defense forces have had casualties, but not as much as the SIGAR report claimed,” said the spokesman.
The acting minister of national defense has also recently said that attacks by the country’s security and defense forces would continue on the terrorist networks’ hideouts and positions.
“The country’s security and defense forces offensives would be carried out on three main factors; reducing militaries’ casualties, taking war to areas with the Taliban leadership, coordination and military financial sources and imposing pressure on the Taliban leaders so that to force them to join peace process.
Meanwhile, the country’s National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Muhib has said that Afghanistan has now been in better security situation and the Afghan security forces have foiled four waves of Taliban attacks during the current year.
Military experts also believe increase in security forces attacks on the militants positions have helped military death reduce against the government armed oppositions.
Although, the country’s security forces counter-insurgents operations have increased, but it doesn’t mean that security forces casualties reduced.
Most of Afghan security forces death happens at the defensive posts not during their anti-militants offensive. “So, the Afghan security forces should have better plan to reduce casualties.”
Another expert Atiqullah Amarkhil also said that although the country’s security forces’ operation against militants were late, but commendable.
“Any tolerance against terrorist groups would provide the means of real defeat against the Taliban and cause weakness of the security forces,” said Amarkhil.
Attack command to the country’s security forces helps increase their moral, on one way and reduce their casualties in the battlefields. “This (attack command) will be the most effective way to overcome terrorist groups.”
But, Nayazi a member of the house of people blamed the security forces leadership for failing to arrange a better security plan to help ensure security and reduce security forces casualties. He called on the security institutions and political bodies to coordinately resort to approving a single national security plan, under which Afghan militaries’ death could reduce.
Afghan security forces should be supported and equipped as they are the only forces fighting terrorist groups.

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