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Defeat of Jewish state and its allies is imminent

We all know that America is the leader of global hypocrites, appearing in various disguises and playing roles in the world with different tactics and approaches. Until recently, America claimed that Hamas was a terrorist organization, insisting that no country could speak of peace until this group was eliminated. America continued to provide the Zionist regime with its forces, military experts, and state-of-theart weaponry. Now that the scent of Zionist defeat has reached, Trump makes astonishing statements, portraying himself unexpectedly as a defender of human rights and donning the cloak of democracy. The secret behind all these words is now revealed; America has realized that the Jewish State is facing defeat, and the shame of this treacherous puppet is unfolding before the eyes of the world. In response, one of the prominent political figures, a criminal and former U.S. president, raises his voice. The terrorist he nurtured is criticized for his actions. In the war that the Zionist regime is waging on its unilateral path, it has lost many of its supporters, and even Western countries harshly criticized it for its mass killings and the slaughter of women and children in Gaza. With each passing moment, they express their growing hatred and disgust towards the heinous acts of this criminal monster. It indicates that the root of Zionism has weakened, and with each passing day, this bitter tree in the garden of the world map becomes shaky and unstable. Therefore, the global hypocrite, ‘America,’ is in the process of changing its attire and aims to present its new diplomatic face to the world. But the globe has recognized this seven-headed snake, and they have no belief or trust in any of its words or actions. America knows that with the Zionist regime’s defeat, America’s failure is marked in various parts of the world. Consequently, it has now changed its tone and seeks to speak with a diplomatic demeanor. These words are by no means acceptable to the nations, and the entire world, especially the Islamic Ummah, considers America as the main perpetrator of the oppressed people of Palestine and Gaza. Collectively, they will seek revenge for the oppressed people of Palestine and Gaza from America and the Jewish State. The day of reckoning has undoubtedly arrived. Muslims and the entire world will witness the decline of America and the Jewish State, and the dark days and the moment of financial and mortal retribution for these criminals will be observed in history. Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.