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Dear soldiers; We respect your blood

By: Lailuma Noori

9th of Hoot (February 28), the Soldier’s Day, is devoted to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). 9th of Hoot is a suitable response and thanksgiving to the Afghan security forces who are strongly fighting terrorists, respond external aggression, don’t let their beloved homeland to be dominated by extremism and ruled by mafia bands.
ANDSF are powerful arms of a brilliant, powerful, democrat and peaceful Afghanistan, the Afghan citizens imagine peace in the steadfast status of Afghan devoted and brave soldiers.
Now the enemies of Afghan people have lost strength of confrontation in the battlefields. These brave soldiers have been fighting for 19 years the dirty proxy wars. We ask the people to unlimitedly support taintless sacrifices of our soldiers. A solider born in Helmand fighting for salvation of Kunduz people. A soldier born in Uruzgan is fighting for Kandahar people. This is an objective testimony of devotion and fulfilling obligation before Afghanistan.
Being a soldier is a love, a love that its outcome is freedom and liberation and stead- fastness, soldier is a symbols of convergence and solidarity for future of Afghanistan. Let’s here in Afghanistan praise and be proud of our soldiers beyond slogan and word.
Beyond everybody, the Afghan mothers realize love to ANDSF, a brave mother who sends her son to defend the country. No one of us understands the hardships of a painful heart of a devoted mother whose son is martyred by the enemies of the Afghan people. Although we have sympathy but should acknowledge that only a soldier’s mother realize the depth of a soldier’s pain.
Whenever we see the devotions and sacrifices of Afghan soldiers, we are proud to have been from Afghanistan and an Afghan. Since over four decades, we Afghans have been fighting the biggest, longest and devastating regional and world proxy wars that every day victimize innocent Afghans.
But fed up with war, people of Afghanistan have pinned eye to these national flag clad soldiers.
The Afghan people hope, no longer witness death of their soldiers.
Peace, freedom, love and hope could have a reasonable and real definition beyond dream to us only when our soldiers are fairly appreciated and the Afghan people and government praise their devotions and actual patriotism. We expect our three colored national flag be hoisting to the height of sky.
In lack of devotions of our brave soldiers, this hope would remain only a dream. We can see unity, sincerity and national unity in the ranks of ANA, ANP and NDS more than every other place. Fighting under a single three colored flag, uniforms and believe in interests of one Afghanistan lead us to a future peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan that the Afghans are deserving for.
We hope not to witness death of Afghan soldiers but disgrace of Afghanistan sworn enemies. The Afghan soldiers affiliate to no particular ethnic tribe or group but belong to Pan Afghan people. We should respect trans-tribal soldiers.
Nomination of this day was a big and suitable step. Popular sentiments also indicated that people want to bridge the gap between soldiers and people. In the last years, our soldiers have frankly shown that enjoy essential capability and quality to defend this territory and its territorial integrity.
It means that over 30 million Afghans are standing behind ANDSF guarantees their invincibility. It attracted commitment and support of the world politicians and international organizations to Afghan public opinions to back ANDSF.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.