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Deadline set to ban PUBG, TikTok apps in Afghanistan, MoCIT

KABUL: Mawlavi Najibullah Haqqani Minister of Communication and Information Technology chaired a meeting attended by the officials of the telecommunications companies and the relevant government organs on Monday.
The meeting was also attended by officials of other relevant ministries including the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prevention from Vice in which a deadline set for banning of the TikTok and PUBG applications in the country, the ministry said in a statement. Previous work of the first meeting held on the matter was reviewed by the meeting.
The professional teams of the relevant ministries and agencies that worked jointly with the telecommunication companies to Ban PUBG and TikTok presented their work result and reports about banning the two applications in the country.
It has said after a series of discussions, it was decided that a one moth deadline for ban of TikTok and three months for ban of the PUBG application was set for all the communication companies.
Banning the PUBG application in Afghanistan was in accordance with the decree of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, spokesman of the MoCIT Enayatullah Alokozai told the Kabul Times.
“Scores of people in Afghanistan have access to these applications and these are not compatible with Afghan culture, beliefs, and customs, and they are destroying the minds of the new generation,” said Alokozai adding Islamic values are important, therefore any cases that are against these values should be closed.
According to Alokozai, efforts were underway to improve the quality of communication networks, the technical teams of the ministry are busy day and night for the improvement of the quality, the hopes and dreams that the Afghan people have had for more than a decade would be addressed under the rule of the Islamic Emirate. Samiullah Momand


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.