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Day of national mourning

The National Day of Mourning is not only a day to remember and honor those lives lost or injured due to terrorists’ attacks, but also a day to collectively renew our commitment for a prosperous, bright and developed Afghanistan.
President Mohammad Asraf Ghani declared Tuesday a national day of mourning for the victims of the Kabul and Logar bombings, which martyred scores of students. The President said a funeral will be held for the martyrs around the country. He said that he has directed the first vice president to provide money to the victims’ families.
President Ghani, in a recorded message about the Kabul school attack, says that as the father of two children he shares the pain with every family that was affected in the deadly incident. He said the attack on innocent people, especially students was a crime against humanity, and the perpetrators will be hated by Afghans.
Attacking school children in Kabul and those students in Logar that were settled in a guest house to spend the night and then attend the entrance exam for university is crime against humanity. Although Taliban have denied the responsibility for the attack, but Afghan government and people blame the group for paving the way for many terror groups to carry out their destructive activities and vicious goals in the country.
Education centers have been frequently attacked by the different terrorist groups in Afghanistan. These terrorist groups assume such institutions as the foundations that produce knowledge and welfare for the country. the terrorists know that well-educated Afghans would fight the ignorant and would never fall into their hands.
Indeed, attacks on education are attack on the future of Afghanistan; thousands of girls and boys abandon schools and universities due to unknown future and endless war. No nation has changed his fate without seeking and protecting education.
Education is the best strategy to a sustainable development and to a secure Afghanistan in the long run. We need to choose it as a top national priority, and as a best way to reaching a peaceful, stable and strong Afghanistan.
The enemies of Afghanistan understand that education is the only tools that can rescue Afghanistan, therefore, they never hesitate to attack even children so that to slow down the country’s progress path.
Since Afghans mourning the death of their beloved ones today, they are needed to renew their commitment for the study and development of the country. renewing commitment despite of terrorists’ attacks would deliver a harsh and strong response to the militants and would definitely upset them.
Meanwhile it’s a must for all citizens to join hand with their government in providing security for the educational centers. Afghan forces are involved in war against militants across the country and even are engaged in fight against trans-regional terrorist networks that are being sheltered by Taliban.
Considering such an environment, all the people should help their government and security forces. Blaming the state for not providing security would bear no result, rather would make happy the insurgents so that to further bring gap between the state and public.

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