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Daudzai briefs media editors on upcoming Loya Jirga

KABUL: The High Peace Council (HPC) Secretaryand President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s envoy for regional consensus on peace in Afghanistan Mohammad Umer Daudzai met with senior heads of Kabul-based media during a consultative meeting here on Sunday evening at HPC press hall.
During the meeting the HPC secretary briefed the media representatives on holding of upcoming Loya Jirga which would be held from 17 to 20 March 2019, including the mechanism for selecting of the participants in Kabul and other provinces of the country.
Hinting to regional and national consensus for peace in the country and changes in polices and strategies of some countries, Daudzai said holding of the Loya Jirga was important for the third Kabul Process meeting which is an international forum based in Kabul and the direct negotiations between government and Taliban representatives.
Calling freedom of expression as key achievements in last 18 years, HPC secretary said the council was committed to protect such achievement during the peace talks.
“This is the only Loya Jirga which would be held independently and without any government intervention. There would a selection committee comprised of representatives of different social, cultural, civil and political entities and they would select the members of the Jirga based on specific criteria,” he said, adding two thousand people would attend the Jirga where 1100 from provinces and 900 from Kabul.
HPC secretary went on saying that 30 percent of seats were allocated for women, adding the selection committee to select the member within a week. He also said that the diplomatic mission to be present during the inaugural and closing programs. The meeting was continued with questions from the media representative, asking the HPC officials to pay attention towards media’s role during the peace talks, holding of the upcoming Loya Jirga and membership of the journalists in selection committee.
The editors of the media also raised questions on ongoing peace talks, government’s programs for peace, regional meddling, upcoming elections and the HPC stance.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.