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Dari not only the language of connectivity, but the language of a civilized region, President Ghani

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, on Thursday said Dari was the language of a civilized region and that there was a need to invest on the national languages, the Presidential Press Office said in a statement.
“It is time to further invest on national languages. The Dari language is ours and we belong to it, there is no doubt about it,” the country’s president said while talking to a national seminar titled Afghanistan; the Cradle of Farsi-Dari.
The president said: “Our economic and security dimension, and particularly the intellectual dimension of our independence is very important and the reason of today’s intellectual meeting is that our independence intellectual is dating back to millenniums.”
Recalling the efforts made by the country’s known historians, such Mir Ghulam Mohammad Ghubar, Ahmad Ali Kohzad and Abdul Hay Habibi, the president added that the country’s historians have analyzed and popularized the country pre-Islamic era history.
“This is a pride that Afghanistan calls all its languages national language and the reason is very clear that we don’t doubt on our national identity,” said the president as quoted by the statement.
According to the president, language was both the produce and constrictive of the history of the nation, so investment on the language was more important than the infrastructures.
“If you want to govern on the hearts, so there is a need to turn to culture. Refer to our civilization, which is based on justice,” said the president.
President Ghani said the language of Farsi was the cause of creating a big territory and Afghanistan has had a fundamental role in this territory, but this territory didn’t belong to us in the course of history and we should understand the type of our relation in the different parts of history in this territory. Pointing to what has been done less for Dari language development, the country’s president added: “We have not still created a clear historical sequence in this language.”
The president said the historical process should be clear; Balkh, Badakhshan, Marw and the region of Central Asia were the main cradle of the Dari language. “There was no doubt that this was our language.”
President Ghani asked the Ministry of Information and Culture, universities and the academy of sciences to conduct the inclusive languages archeology and cultural identity.

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