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Damaging public infrastructures; clear violation of int’l humanitarian rights

By: Suraya

Taliban has recently turned to destruction of public infrastructures in Afghanistan, which has created serious problems for the people of Afghanistan. Afghan civil society organization, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and the government consider destruction of public infrastructures as clear violation of international humanitarian rights, asking the Taliban group to clarify its position in this regard. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in a statement has asked all parties to the ongoing conflict to stand on the international humanitarian rights principles, saying that destruction of public infrastructures is clear violation of international humanitarian rights.
“We’re asking the Taliban leadership to seriously review destruction of Farah’s Anardara district building and other related issues and clarify their position in connection with public infrastructures if destructed in future,” said Shukrullah Mashkoor, a spokesperson to AIHRC.
Taliban has always attacked on public infrastructures and government buildings, but recent destruction of some public infrastructures has been followed by serious reactions in national and international levels.
Afghanistan First Vice President Amrullah Salih says a group that has the support of Afghans does not attack or destroy public infrastructures, but the Taliban group does not stand on any principles and laws.
“Terrorist groups should not be trusted as trusting terrorist groups does not work,” Salih said.
Meanwhile, President advisor on cultural affairs Shah Hussain Murtazavi by expressing concern over destruction of the country’s public infrastructures by the Taliban group says Taliban has no programs for the people but has programs for destruction and harming the people.
Former minister of interior Masoud Andarabi by pointing that who’s Taliban and who are they representing considered destruction of the country’s public infrastructures as national treason. He said that Taliban has not changed.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan ministry of defense says the enemy has always harmed and destructed the country’s public infrastructures. The ministry said what the enemy was doing was to destroy bridge, public and government infrastructures, schools, roads and education and higher education institutions.
Related to destruction of public infrastructures in Farah’s Anardara and Ghazni’s Andar districts, residents of the two respective districts say Taliban should not take such actions, asking the group to avoid destructing and attacking public infrastructures and government buildings across the country.
“You saw how Taliban destroyed the district building and police department of Farah’s Anardara. You see how the group make the people leave their home areas,” said Waheed, a resident of Anardara district.
On the other hand, Afghanistan ministry of borders and tribal affairs has asked the people to take part in protection of schools, roads, mosques, healthcare clinics, universities and public infrastructures across the country.
Previously, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had repeatedly said that Taliban has destroyed public infrastructures and government buildings worth $1 billion in the past 20 years. Meanwhile, the international community has also asked the Taliban not to destroy public infrastructures in the country.
According to reports, Taliban has recently destroyed public infrastructures in various provinces particularly in Kandahar, Ghazni, Nimroz, Helmand, Farah and Maidan Wardak. Afghan civil society organizations have asked the Taliban group to stop destroying public infrastructures and killing innocent civilians.
This comes amid increasing Taliban attacks and violence across the country.


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