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Daikundi youth invents eight electronic devices

A 19 years old boy who had failed to continue his higher education in Daikundi province, managed to invent eight items of electronics after technics of TV repairing.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter Ali Ahmad Alizada said, I am a resident of Ashterly district, Daikundi province and a high school graduate. Due to economic constraint, I failed to continue higher education. I was interested in electronics. Fortunately I managed to be recruited to a course launched by Afghan Development Agency (ADA) and learned TV repairing.
He added, whenever I completed the course, I decided to invent new equipments and I was supported and encouraged by Ustad Hassani and A.D.A course and I invented electric fan, supporting another, electric motor, Power Bank, magnet compass, laser scale, Battery and electric WiFi.
He added, the Anthena has been made of iron and screw, the WIFI transmits power without cable the fan has been made of wood, lamp, can cover, tin cycle and in summer it can be used as fan or power. The electric motor changes power to mechanic and is made of natural magnet, screw and wood.
Alizada went on to say, power bank is used for charging of mobile cell in emergency situation. Inside it there is a battery. The compass has been made of natural magnet.
Laser level consists of plastic of simple available materials with a cost of Afs 2000 in seven months. He added, I have 51 new drafts to make new equipments for the Afghan people. But due to economic reasons I don’t afford to pay the cost. If any public or private agency support me, I will introduce new initiatives.
Ustad Hassani said, in the ADA course, Alizada was the tope and qualified student than others with high talent who learned technics in a short time professionally. We appreciate his talent and enthusiast.
Hassani added, due to his high talent, if the way is paved for his higher education, he would achieve new initiatives.
Talking on this issue, the head of Dikondi provincial department of information and culture Mohammad Hussain Seerat said, whenever I learned about Alizada inventions, asked him to display all his invented equipments in our department. We are proud of him.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.