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Daesh to be utterly suppressed in Afghanistan, officials

Amid increasing peace efforts in national and international level, hopes have risen on ensuring lasting peace and security in Afghanistan. This is while that security entities say that Daesh has kneeled down in this country.
Daesh group is about to be uprooted and operations are still ongoing against it, security entities stressed.
Deputy spokesperson to the interior ministry Nasrat Rahimi said, “Since a few months, offensive operations have been increased against insurgents particularly Daesh faction which resulted in killing a number of the group’s leaders, thus, we can say that Danesh is about to be totally uprooted in Afghanistan.”
Currently, Daesh insurgents have limited presence in three provinces, but the Afghan security forces are making effort to utterly uproot the group, he added.
In fact, the Afghan security forces are trying to suppress any insurgent groups that threaten the country’s security, he went on to say.
The government of Afghanistan assures that in cooperation with international forces, IS group will be suppressed in the country.
Lauding the government particularly the security entities’ efforts against the insurgent groups, lower house of the parliament says IS group is still operational in Afghanistan.
A lawmaker Nesar said Daesh has not been completely suppressed in Afghanistan and there are still many districts being threatened by it.
He added Daesh is the most dangerous terrorist group and should be somehow destroyed in Afghanistan.
A political expert Haroun Mir believes that if the regional countries want to prevent influencing IS group in their countries, they should cut their relations with all terrorist groups and honestly cooperate with the government of Afghanistan in fighting terrorism.
An MP Mohammad Abduh says that Daesh is a phenomenon being trained beyond Afghanistan’s borders and Afghanistan has been victimized by this group since long.
The government of Afghanistan has made much effort in uprooting terrorist groups particularly Daesh and has earned many achievements in the respect, he added.
Experts on regional affairs say that fighting Daesh in Afghanistan is a good start for difficult and strategic missionof the international community particularly the US.
Considering recent changes in US and its alliances’ fighting against Daesh in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and Russian military interferences in Syria, the war has become more serious and the US is expected to play key role in fighting the faction.
Afghanistan’s situation is not as like as 90th decade, it now enjoys strong security forces who are capable to fight any terrorist group, as well as the international community is stand by its people now.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.