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Daesh lost capability, resorted to attack on defenseless civilians, Muttaqi

KABUL: The European Union’s Special representative for Afghanistan Tomas Nicholson and his accompanying delegation met with the IEA acting Foreign Minister, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi,
a statement from foreign ministry said the other day.
Nicholson condemned the attack on Kaaj educational center in Kabul and called it an attack against the Afghans.
“The European Union, the United States and their partners have now come to the conclusion that humanitarian aid alone cannot solve the economic problems in Afghanistan and that development
work should be done,” Nicholson added as quoted by the statement.
Referring to the sanctions on Afghanistan, the European Community delegation added that Afghans should not be punished collectively, as the act would harm peace and fight against insecurity.
The acting foreign minister assured that Daesh or ISIS-K and other terrorist groups have been hit hard in Afghanistan and they have lost their ability in the battlefield and they are attacking the defenseless people.
Considering the current circumstances, he said engagement should be continued in the light of the facts. The statement quoting him, went on as saying: “We have many good achievements, which the west does not look at positively and should not be ignored, and we should have a clear strategy for positive engagement and progress with each other.”
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.