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DABS announces mechanism for collecting Breshna’s debts

The Afghan electricity company ‘Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat’ has informed of creating a mechanism to collect its debts from former politicians and powerful people. An authorized body led by Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat has been appointed to collect the company’s debts.
According to officials for DABS, after a joint meeting with the appointed committee of joint representatives, notices were prepared and sent to the debtors’ properties and when information about the debtors’ properties is collected, the received revenue from the properties will be sent to the electricity company’s account.
Meanwhile, overall information has been collected and notifications given about the properties where the IEA mujahidin are residing in, according to the DABS officials.
In the fourth meeting, the representatives of the appointed committee asked the country’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) for cooperation in collecting the DABS’ debts. Both the MoI and GDI have tasked a unit to cooperate in this regard.
According to DABS, in the past two weeks, the committee has identified 329 debtors in Kabul and notices have been shared with them. After the notifications, 33 debtors have shown readiness to pay the debts.
Besides, in five zones of the country, 675,033,925 AFG have been collected from the DABS’ big debtors, which is a big achievement.
After collecting a range of the Breshna’s debts, a considerable progress was made in the payment of loans to the neighboring countries from where Afghanistan is importing electricity.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.