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DAB to execute effective monetary policy

KABUL: The supreme council of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) held a meeting, with Hedayatullah Badri, on the chair, discussing the effective execution of monetary policy, DAB said in a statement the other day. Speaking at the meeting, Badri spoke about the effective execution of monetary policy, banking sector status, efforts to develop Islamic banking in the country, mechanization of currency exchange dealers, and people’s access to financial services, according to the statement. “Afghani currency has maintained its value stable against the U.S. dollar compared to most currencies of other countries in the region and world over the past year, and the situation is improving,” the statement quoted Badri as saying, Talking about the improved status of assets, management, and liquidity of banks, Badri stated that people’s deposits in the Islamic banking sector have in creased by 4% compared to the previous quarter. Afterward, the council discussed detailed reports of the second six months for the solar year 1402 executions regarding the implementation of monetary policies, improvement of the banking sector, development of Islamic banking, progress in payment systems, and the DAB’s sectorial department plans for the solar year 1403. Also, the concerned general directors of the DAB shared suggestions for providing better services to the Afghan people, which were approved by the DAB supreme council. It is worth mentioning that the supreme council of Da Afghanistan Bank, as the highest decisionmaking body regarding the bank’s policies, holds meetings quarterly, which occur four times a year. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.