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Da Afghanistan Bank’s achievements in past one year

Before the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and in the early days of the IEA takeover, it was believed that the IEA would face serious problems in the banking system and especially in protecting the value of the Afghani currency without international assistance and cooperation. But now it’s been at least two years since the Islamic Emirate took control of the country. Officials of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) say besides that they have been able to keep the value of the afghani currency stable, they have been able to do some progress. According to the bank’s officials, in the past one year, about 3 billion 140 million new AFG banknotes have arrived in the country. The head of the country’s central bank in an interview with the media has said that they have been able to better keep the value of Afghani against foreign currencies particularly the U.S. dollar. Besides this great achievement, the country’s central bank has collected over 8.6 billion afghani revenue in the past one year, showing unprecedentedly increase comparing to the previous year. The World Bank and economic analysts also believe that the Islamic Emirate has made good progress despite speculations that the country would face with increasing economic problems. This comes amid international sanctions and political pressures. The central bank’s achievements in the past one year are considered as unprecedented. The increase in income and keeping the value of the country’s currency stable is considered as a very important achievement and development for the country. The main reason for this success and achievement is the Islamic Emirate’s commitment to doing the work and delivering the service in a transparent way. If the country’s central bank had failed to maintain the value of the Afghani, international sanctions and political pressures would have caused the country to face a great crisis and the prices of food items would have increased unprecedentedly, which would result in increasing poverty in the country. The Islamic Emirate (IEA) should pay further attention to do more in this regard, change Afghanistan from an importing to an exporting country and bring economic growth and permanent stability. Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.