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Da Afghanistan Bank holds street demonstration for releasing assets

KABUL: The Central Bank set a demonstration on a street in the capital Kabul to ask for the release of the country’s assets still frozen by the U.S.
The bank displayed photos and banners to encourage the international community and particularly the U.S. to release the Afghan assets that remain in the U.S. banks.
Negotiations with the U.S. over the Afghans assets have yet to make any progress, a spokesman for the country’s Central Bank said.
“Don’t deprive Afghans of their rights,” shows the banners of the exhibition written with the slogan.
According to the deputy head of the Central Bank, Abdul Qadeer Ahmad, they were ready to conduct all banking with foreign countries.
“We say to the US and international community that the Afghan assets which they have frozen belong to the people of Afghanistan and are the property of the Afghans and should be handed back to the Afghans,” said Mohammad Sabir Momand, a spokesman for Da Afghanistan Bank as quoted by Tolonews.
Earlier, U.S. President Joe Biden in an executive order directed 3.5 million of the Afghan assets based in US banks to the victims of 9/11.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.