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Currently, 219 media outlets operational in the country, Minister Khairkhwa

Officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) say that no journalist has been killed in the country since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) takeover on 15 August 2021.
Briefing to journalists and participants on their accomplishments of the past one year, acting Minister of Information and Culture Mawlavi Khairullah Khairkhwa said that no journalist has been killed in the past one year in the country. He said that the ministry of information and culture was trying to address problems and challenges facing the media and journalists in the country.
“Currently, there are 219 media outlets operating across the country. The Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) is trying to help address some challenges and problems facing journalists and media in the country,” Mawlavi Khairkhwa said.
Pointing to achievements of the MoIC in the past one year, the officials of the ministry of information and culture said that in the past year they have been able to activate the Media Violation Commission; they revived the Bakhtar News Agency and still managed to examine 80 books, in which 150 topics were against the principles of Islam.
“80 books and 150 book titles that were in conflict with the religion of Islam were examined, 44 licenses were renewed and extended, the legislative documents of the Ministry were revised and the video media monitoring department was also created in the structure of this ministry,” said Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi, Deputy Publication Minister MoIC.
According to deputy minister of publications, expanding the activity of Bakhtar News Agency, which is one of the oldest state media outlets in the country, is a big step for this ministry. Currently, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) has publications in several domestic and foreign languages.
Also, the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture for Publication Affairs Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi enumerated the activities of his led office and as saying in the past years, the department of Newspapers and Magazines, including Shariat, The Kabul Times, Hewad, Anees dailies and Watandaran magazine have widely developed.
He said within the Afghan advertising, the department of newspapers has published news and reports in Pashto, Dari and English languages in the past year.
It has also regularly published magazines in Uzbek, Pashaye, Nuristani, Balochi and Turkmen languages. Also, for the enrichment of newspapers, they have published religious, political, economic, cultural, social, scientific and literary articles, news and reports.
Up to 7,931,000 afghani as revenue has been deposited to the budget of the Islamic Emirate.
According to him, Bakhtar Agency has published about 64, 344, 000 news, reports, interviews, analysis, video reports and other news topics.
Pointing to the preservation and renovation of the country’s historical monuments, Deputy Minister of Art and Culture of the MoIC Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi said that in the past year, much had been done to preserve or renovate historical monuments in the country. According to the deputy of art and culture of the ministry of information and culture, in the last twenty years, despite the influx of billions of dollars, basic work was not done to preserve historical monuments.
Mawlavi Azizi added that work on registration and protection of the rest of the historical monuments of the country was underway as 012 military units have been formed and deployed in the relevant areas to protect the historical sites.
Introducing hundreds of young people to private universities to get free higher education and signing contracts with more than 30 universities are considered as other achievements of the MoIC. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.