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Current system; mirror of united and independent Afghanistan

It has been three years since Afghanistan has been liberated from occupation, invasion, and instability and has gained its independence. In this time, along with freedom and peace, significant progress has been made in the country’s reconstruction and relations of most countries improved with the Islamic Emirate. Despite the flow of dollars, nothing tangible was made in the reconstruction and development of the country in the republic era, and people were suffering and fed up with war, unrest, corruption, oppression and other crimes. In the previous regime, in the name of the inclusive government, a few ethnic partisans were given a share and that was it. But the nation were not only excluded from the table of those regimes, but they also faced absolute deprivation and were daily victims of prejudice, fraud, and manipulation by those who took orders from the United States, the West, Russia, and some other countries and were partners in the power structure. During forty-five years and especially during the twenty years of the American Republic, the helpless nation of Afghanistan became a victim of the nefarious and sinister policies of several politicians who had no other duty than selfishness, selling land, seeking power and worshiping the dollar. Although the United States and the Western world poured a lot of money into Afghanistan in twenty years of occupation in order to achieve their goal, which was to dominate the region, but this money was wasted and misappropriated by those who were ethnic opportunists, and by using ethnic name, language and status, they built sky raising buildings and transferred huge amount of money in the names of themselves and their children in foreign banks. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan are not in favor of any imposed government and do not want vague and unclear negotiations to take place outside of Afghanistan due to the imposition and demands of foreign entities, where the role of the Islamic Emirate is not defined, thus the Islamic representative participates on. First of all, the world should recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which is the mirror of a united, strong, and independent Afghanistan, and after that, a meeting and discussion can be held on minor and unimportant issues.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.