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Curbing insecurity, national responsibility

No reason for flaming insecurity and sending young generations to death, as Afghanistan has now embarrassed full security, after nearly two decades of foreign invasion and the return of the Islamic system to the country.
Torture, crime, looting public properties, highway robbery and all kinds of threats and illegal acts ended after the Islamic Emirate took power.
But during the holy month of Ramadan, a series of explosions and suicide bombings happened in some parts of the country leaving dozens of innocents including women and children dead and hundreds of others wounded.
The brutal attacks, could once again, spread fear and dread among ordinary people. However, fortunately, in many regions of the country, the security forces of the Islamic Emirate managed to prevent scores of similar potential deadly incidents and take the situation under control all over the country, particularly during the Eid days.
Also, in some mountainous points of the country, a few numbers of warmongers; the remnants of former corrupt regime supporters are resorting to the disruption of security.
They are still luring ignorant youths and recruiting them to fight for them, even in the price of their lives and deep insecurity of the country.
This handful heinous individuals have still access to explosive ordnances and weapons that remained from the last regime, which had no control over growing militancy against itself during its twenty years of age.
All these insurgents and rioters are backed and supported by certain alien’s intelligence networks.
So, this is the religious mission and national responsibility of the whole people of Afghanistan, particularly the youths to identify these rioters and foil their conspiracies in cooperation with their security forces.
On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate forces should work hard to get closer with the people in order to deeply influence all corners of the country, where arms and ammunitions are hidden and introduce those trying to join anti-Islamic Emirate groups, either the so-called Islamic State or other circles, behind insecurity in the country.
The IEA should, also create an atmosphere of trust-building among the entire tribes of the country and pave the way for the nation to understand that they belong to the Islamic system and the Islamic system belonged to them.
The move would provide a good ground of close cooperation between the government and the people.
On military part, all borders of the country should be inspected, and the IEA armed oppositions’ influence should be thwarted.
Moreover, the neighboring countries, in close cooperation with the government, should do their best to prevent infiltration of armed groups and their movements across the joint countries’ borders and as a frontliner of anti-terrorists’ activities, Afghanistan, should be honestly helped and given more power, trust and authority in the fight against all kinds of insurgencies.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.