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Cultural services are the main factors for developmental system

AKTC projects in Balkh, Afghanistan

As its clear that intellectual and environmental fighting is the history that on the basis of the human creation, the first roadblock in front of the Muslim world was settled by the almighty Allah, Devil who made Adam passed out with false oaths and gave incorrect details about the analyzing of wheat. Political and intellectual war can have negative and positive effects on the future generation as well, it directs the system to the objectives for which the system works. it brings out the problems of its nation to the notions of others and finds a solution, and it indicates the process of development of state, and How many nations taking after the rules and principles of their time?
While U.S. invaded on Afghanistan, so they immediately broke out working on the activation of international organizations, advanced radio and TV channels in diverse regions and provinces of the country, and handed over well trained journalists to them for hours and hours to report on the Islamic system. There were publications against it. In order to, support his invasion abroad the country and to misguide the Afghan nation, he led to what was part of the ideological and political war, as an example: Azadi Radio and the BBC broadcasting that late It used to be one and a half hours, but right after the invasion, it changed to 24 hours, that is 22 and a half hours higher than the previous one. In addition, he made so many changes and initiatives to the school curriculum that 90 percent of the 100 percent of the students changed. They had considered already that the invisible war was also spoiled by the long-lost Afghans from Afghanistan. They did concentrate on the military war as much as the West had on the spreading of the civil war and genocide.

As, the current system in the country came out of from the field of violence and instability, it is taking over the office and the international community has kept the resources of intellectual war hot against them, while we have not taken any action to prevent it. Therefore, it is necessary to pay crucial concentration to this part. so that the useless propaganda of the international community that causes the system to collapse can be defended and prevented.
They will pull out the roots and Afghans will still be supporters of the existing system It is still considered one of the most valuable and strategic methods of maintaining the system.
Short way for cultural war
If the Authorities of the system want to protect and keep this destiny still strong and the system reaches the stages of development, so the following points should be considered:
The departments of information and culture should be packed and filled with gifted writers and composers who has a special experience in this field in high level.
The supply of environmental departments should be conducted with full details and the Channels of radio and television should be activated in different parts of the province.
In the Department of Civil Affairs, the western media monitoring and mentoring agency should be activated, the personnel should be at least 10 people.
In rural and remoted Areas, a radio channel should be activated that has political, social life, Islamic and similar broadcasts! The broadcasting of this channel should be increased in terms of time.
These are the steps that get strong the system gradually.
By: Ahmad Jalal Ghaznavi

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