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Criminal cases reducing to zero countrywide

Efforts, by the Islamic Emirate security forces are underway to eradicate crimes as the vicious phenomenon undermined the nation due to the incompetence of the former regimes over the past twenty years. Recently, officials said more than 40,000 of different crime related cases have been dealt with in the past few months, a staggering number that helped individual insecurity reduce and enabled the citizens live peacefully, as most of similar cases have never been paid attention during the past corrupt regimes. Reports quoted the Supreme Court of the Islamic Emirate to have confirmed that in the past three months, more than 40,000 different cases have been dealt with, all over the country. “The courts of the country have resolved 44,496 different cases in three months, showing that the authorities have tried their best in this field,” the above is that Abdul Rahim Rashid, spokesman for the Supreme Court told media recently. Considering the breathtaking struggles of the Islamic Emirate’s authorities to crack down on all kinds of crimes accross the country, the citizens who have harshly been impacted by daily-based scores of robberies, kidnapping, murder and other crimes are satisfied with the current situation and they demand the related officials to observe justice during their resolutions of the cases. Following is what one of clients who suffered long to get his file settled: “I regestered a file during the previous government, but it had many problems. But things changed and it became very easy, to resolve my case.” Most badly, the previous courts have not been willing to resolve a cases, if they were not paid enough, they asked from those referring to the court. On the other hand, the courts should prevent the slowness of the files resolution process and do their best to meet the entire challenges relating to their cases in the future. The entire people of Afghanistan support their newly system for its justice-based activities and they support their country’s courts for their efforts to impartially resolve the people cases

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.