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Criminal cases decreased in 1397, spokesperson

Following growing criminal incidents in the capital Kabul, Police Chief Spokesperson Basir Mujahid said crimes rate has declined in compare with last year, adding they could prevent activities of many terrorist and mafia networks in this city.
Continued insecurity, armed robbery and abductions by irresponsible gunmen are among the issues that have seriously concerned Kabul residents.
During an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, Mujahid said Kabul Police had plans to better ensure security of Kabul citizens, adding we can prevent criminal activities in cooperation with people.
“We could arrest 177 criminals so far. We have arrested many narcotics’ smugglers and sellers and brought them to justice. Totally, we have had 2700 cases in 1396, an amount which has reached of 370 in 1397,” Mujahid added. Kabul is not a standard city and most of criminal cases occur in unplanned areas, but despite that, police is making effort to properly restore citizens’ security, he went on to say. Confirming problems in Kabul, he says we accept our countrymen criticizes, but police have always been making effort to decrease crimes rate throughout the country, besides, we ask religious scholars to help us aware the people through masjids.
Pointing at police forces’ achievements, he added we have arrested 100 criminals over the last one year among whom have been some kidnapper gangs no one has succeeded to arrest them in the past eighteen years.
However, there are problems and challenges in the capital Kabul, but our efforts are ongoing to fight criminal cases, but we ask the people to cooperate with us in this regard, he continued.
Expressing concern over rumors being released in social media by citizens, he says when something happens, our people try to reflect that big, an action causes our people to think Kabul situation is really worse, however, it is not so.
Lack of security and safety have been among main concerns of Kabul residents, but Kabul police chief office assures them of ensuring better security, he said, adding a detective and intelligence team will soon be established to fight criminal cases.
Reporting about reforms expected to appear in police stations, he said we were sure this would help unprecedently decrease crimes rate.
At the end, he once again asked people to cooperate with police in order they can easily address crimes particularly in the capital Kabul.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.