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Criminal activities will not deteriorate relations between IEA and the world

Soon after a deadly attack on the Russian embassy in Kabul, the embassy announced that it has stopped issuing visas for applicants.
A number of visa applicants waiting for visa at the gate of the embassy, including at least two Russian diplomats were killed and several others wounded, after a suicide attacker blew his explosive packed vest among the crowd close to the embassy gate.
Russian embassy announced temporary suspension of reception of citizens in its consular department and said it would share more information about the resumption of the visa issuing in the future.
“The resumption of admission will be announced later,” said the embassy on its official Twitter.
Following the attack, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate held a telephone call with his Russian counterpart, Sergi Lavrov pledging a thorough investigation into the attack near the Russian Embassy.
He also assured him of serious attention to security of the embassy.
The so-called Islamic State militants who have launched multiple attacks on the innocent people and targeted many governmental and non-governmental facilities in some parts of the country, claimed responsibility for the latest bombing.
Such attacks will not deteriorate relations between the Islamic Emirate and other countries, particularly Russia, which is a key political ally of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate leadership, will strongly fight any malicious activities which disturb security of the people or use its territory against other nations.
The world nations have to be sure that the IEA security forces are working day and night to eliminate all types of insurgencies and criminal activities inside and across the country’s borders.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed in assuring to the security of all diplomatic missions including foreign countries embassies.
The intelligence forces of the country have launched serious investigations into the explosive and bombing attacks all over the country and arrested scores of suspected individuals involved in destructive activities.
Those behind the recent incident will undeniably be identified, arrested and taken to law.
The Islamic Emirate wants to strengthen its political relations with the world and never is in favor of harming the feeling of other nations, as the holy Islam never allows any move to harm others even non-Muslim people, in case they were not against the Islamic teachings.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.