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Credit card use on the rise in Afghanistan

12 percent of the country’s citizens have banking accounts.
Simultaneously with establishing new banking system, usage of banking cards have been enhanced.
Banks union in-charges told media that currently the country’s banks enjoy over seven types of cards.
12 percent of the country’s citizens have access to banking services, eight percent of which are familiar with electronic payments by the banks.
At the same time, considering banking services’ facilities in the world, a number of people ask for expanding banking services with electronic methods.
A financial company’s technical staff, Asef Behrouz says they pay the salaries of a charity foundation’s employees through a small money payment device.
“We do a bank branch’s job through a small device in remote districts,” he added.
According to the union, currently 3.5 million people have bank accounts, 300,000 of whom receive different types of banks’ services.
The union communications’ in-charge Edris Alemi says the people have become very interested in electronic payments process.
Meanwhile, to promote banking in the country, a number of banks’ users say that the banks should expand their investments.
A Kabul citizen, Abbas said electronic banking system has created many facilities to people and the people can benefit it in their life affairs.
Complaining on slowness of the banking systems, a number of people say that unfortunately, the Automated Teller Machines don’t work properly in a number of stores and the people have to go to refer to banks, thus, attention should be paid so the people don’t face any problem in the respect.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.