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COVIDs-19 outbreak, hike of foodstuff, mask prices

By: Shukria Kohistani

A number of Afghan citizens said that with coronavirus outbreak in a number of world countries including a number of Afghanistan provinces, hue and cry created on shortage of mask and hike of foodstuff prices.
Being concerned on long term closing of Afghanistan borders with neighboring countries, Shahnaz a Kabul citizen said, majority of our foodstuff and clothes are imported from Iran and Pakistan. If our borders are closed for long term with these two countries due to coronavirus outbreak, foodstuff prices will be hiked in domestic markets.
At the same time, economists are concerned similarly to citizens. Economist and university lecturer Qais Mohammadi said, if coronavirus outbreak continues for long term, foodstuff will be shortaged and prices will hike. Most factories will be closed and borders will be shut.
He believes that most traders may resort to embezzlement that would cause shortage of foodstuff and hike of their prices.
He asked the government to prevent embezzlement.
In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, borders of many countries have been closed and several essentials have been scarced in Afghanistan domestic markets. At the moment price of a mask has hiked from Afs 5 to Afs 50.
A number of street vendors sell masks at high prices and chanting to customs that anti-coronavirus masks are available Afs 30-120 per piece.
Mezhgan another citizen said, unfortunately nowadays coronavirus outbreak has been changed to a serious concern not only for Afghanistan but to the world.
Positive cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Afghanistan and some shopkeepers sell their commaditions two or three times higher to customers including vegetables and fruits.
A number of Afghan citizens in Ghazni province have launched alms to get rid of COVID-19 and asked Allah to settle this calamity. Mohammad Zaman Zaki a resident of Ghazni said, although people usually rely on Allah, but beside that the government should also take essential measures to prevent its further outbreak.
He said, we hope Allah the Almighty may rescue is servants particularly the oppressed Afghan muslims from this fatal virus. The head of Ghazni provincial PH department Dr. Zahr Shah Naikmal says, although COVID-19 has not been seen in Ghazni yet. Relying on Allah, the people observe prevention instructions too.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.