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COVID-19 vaccine not harmful: MoPH

FILE PHOTO: A hospital worker receives the first dose of AstraZeneca's vaccine against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan February 28, 2021. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail/File Photo

By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: While the MoPH has repeatedly announced that injection of anti-COVID-19 vaccine has no risk to human body but a number of people doubt that the injection most likely cause blood clot in the future, resulting in the gradual death of the injected person.
The MoPH says that for 20 days since the import of 700,000 doses of Chinese vaccines into Afghanistan less than half of this quantity has been administered. This is while the mortality rate due to COVID-19 affection has been increasing day by day.
People are reluctant to inject vaccine and this reluctance has roots in dissemination of wrong and baseless rumors among the public.
Sharif a resident of the capital city said, unfortunately in our country, majority of our people believe in rumor or fear of it.
People are afraid that the vaccinations will cause blood clot that resulting in a premature death among the vaccinated people, he said. “I heard that overage people vaccinated with the virus would die within two years, but I received the vaccine while my family members have not, because they believe in the rumor.
Ruhullah another resident of Kabul said that despite rumors his family members received COVID-19 vaccine. “At the outset we had fever and flu, but we used tablet of Paracetamole and recovered and resumed our daily business.”
“I hope all people use the vaccine to be safe against fatal virus,” he suggested.
Meanwhile, the MoPH says that anti-COVID-19 vaccine has no risk because it has been approved and confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO.)
According to the organization report, Chinese conformed vaccine creates 79 percent immunity against the disease.
Deputy spokesman of MoPH Mirwais Alizay said COVID-19 vaccine is an alien element in mankind body and when it is injected the body naturally reacts against it including slight fever, body pain, indisposition, impotence, inflammation of wound but these signs do not worth concern and it’s a good news to everybody.
Based on official data, out of 33 million Afghan populations so far over 900,000 people have been injected. MoPH said that out of 700,000 doses of Chinese donated vaccines, its 50% have been consumed and the rest of 350,000 have remained.
Not only in Afghanistan but in some other countries, there are concerns on injection of anti-COVID-19 vaccine and on its possible side affects. Chinese and Indian vaccines have already been approved by the WHO and permitted. Beside coronavirus, at least three cases of black fungus have been recorded in Afghanistan. Kabul, Samangan and Baghlan provinces, all three cases had a COVID-19 background.
Although so far further cases have not been identified but acting MoPH Wahid Majroh had warned that affection to black fungus has been increasing among COVID-19 patients.
According to official data, over 125900 people have been affected with COVID-19 in Afghanistan.

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