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Countries should facilitate regional cooperation

KABUL: The judgment of neighboring and world countries should be based on the realities of Afghanistan, Assumptions and accusations could undermine the concept of cooperation and integration in the region.
Recently, a number of countries around the world and some of Afghanistan’s neighbors talk of forming and activities of terror groups and consider them as serious endangering threat to the region.
While these countries, based on their own ways, are trying to get closer to more powerful countries, they are trying to make the political and security situation in Afghanistan stand out. The purpose of such claims would mean nothing but to go after their privileges from other countries and disturb their public minds.
Even though some of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan are trying to defame the Islamic Emirate, the other neighboring countries of Afghanistan and the region are not only satisfied with the current situation in Afghanistan but consider it a great partner in the region.
As the head of Iran’s armed forces General Baqeri visited Afghan-Iran border and the authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan IEA, praising the cooperation on the border considerable. He added that our trade and transit has been considerably improved. Earlier, Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan had clearly stated that Tashkent has no concern about Afghanistan. Turkmenistan, another neighboring country of Afghanistan have also said that Ishqabad has found Afghanistan a safe and secure country and as a result decided to launch the TAPI project, which has been delayed for years. Afghanistan’s eastern neighbor China has also expressed their confidence and goodwill and called on the world countries to have healthy ties with Afghanistan. Therefore, Afghanistan is not an insecure place, it is a path for cooperation and integration for the region.
Those who feel that Afghanistan is insecure and can turn into threat for them, should come up with evidence and proofs rather than false accusations.
The reality is that recent developments in Afghanistan have countered the conflict of interests with some countries that have caused them to raise false rumors.
We call upon such countries to dare and have the courage to confront the realities of Afghanistan with a spirit of cooperation and solidarity rather than false accusation because it would help the regional cooperation and development.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.