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Corruption more dangerous than insecurity

Insecurity, corruption, drugs and unemployment have been four basic problems particularly in recent two decades that have gained new dimensions passing each year.
Among these, corruption has been the most dangerous threat because main parts of insecurity, increasing poppy cultivation, and drug production and slow improvement of economic situation and people living conditions are directly connected to corruption.
The NUG in its doctrine, has officially recognized corruption as a big potential threat and vowed to Afghans, world people and donors to eliminate it. In practical sphere, encouraging steps like establishment of High Council of Rule of Law and War on corruption, High Legal and Judicial Commission… etc have been taken. In this article, we would have a glance on the phenomenon of corruption.
corruption and its consequences for Afghanistan: Beside drugs, corruption has strongly confused reputation of Afghanistan at universal level in the last years as Afghanistan is on the upper grades of the table of corrupt countries and after one decade fight in the direction of dropping Afghanistan place, no achievement has been gained.
Existence of corruption as is disturbing and bitter for the Afghan nation, is unacceptable and discouraging for the world community too. But contrary to expectation, Afghanistan global supporters seem satisfied with the activities of NUG to an extent. Govt opinion on corruption: The leaders of NUG accepting existence of corruption in government departments believing that without its eradication, they would gain no achievement in governance. For this reason they have undertaken regular programs and vowed that to fight it. According to Afghan government, the world should directly offer assistance to government.
Domination of relations to regulation in appointments:
In the opinion of NUG, the most important roots of corruption are in the collection of relations dominating the regulations and for this reason fighting with this phenomenon has its own particular challenges and difficulties. Besides making commitment and displaying of determination and intention, war on corruption is not a simple task and we should not expect quick outcomes.
Because in the last 18 years this phenomenon has been shaping and now has been changed to a network of confusing and complicating relations. Economic motives: According to the opinion of the government, tendency to plundering, pillaging and illegal accumulation of wealth by powerful individuals and influential is one of the factors behind corruption.
Corruption networks have extended roots in different departments which support and encourage corruption process. One outstanding example is land mafia networks who have occupied thousands hectars public lands.
In the theoretical dimension, the government leaders not only have not been satisfied to recognition of corruption roots, but also drew practical ways to fight it.
Creation of political determination: As strong hands are deeply involved in expansion of corruption actively, fighting this phenomenon requires serious strong political determination. Law should be evenly exercised on corrupt elements. Our people expect serious identification and prosecution of criminals from buttom to the top. Lailuma Noori

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