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Cooperation of IEC, ECC essential for ensuring justice

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The recounting of votes of Kabul province citizens of parliamentary election of Oct 20-21 has been stopped since few days.
The IEC has addressed the reason of recounting stoppage absence of ECC representatives. Talking to media, the IEC commissioner and spokesman Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi said, due to absence of ECC representatives, he cannot continue recounting process.
But the ECC has said that the IEC has not acted upon its commitments on suabmitting of evident and documents including voters’ list and results of biometric and non-biometric ballots based on its commitment made in a joint meeting of both commissions at the presence of the second vice president.
This issue means that both commissions are not ready to cooperate each other and the procedure that based on law should exist between both commission, doesn’t exist and points of opinion of one is not important to the other.
One commission doesn’t attach importance to their opinion, let alone who is right and who is wrong?
This is an issue that has been considered by public opinions and experts as the reason of defemation of commissions and their reputation and has caused damaging of people trust to election process and democracy. This issue could cause plenty of problems and creates a new crisis and additional disputes.
Experts believe that if both commissions fail to settle the ongoing dispute in mutual close cooperation and find a legal reasonable logical solution based on present procedures, it not only strongly damages the IEC, ECC reputation but could cause extra crisis and problems.
Some times before both commissions at the presence of second vice president, chief justice and public prosecutor had agreed that the IEC submits every documents, needed by ECC and the ECC had promised to revise the first item of its decision in the light of law.
Now both IEC and ECC are required to solve this dispute as quick as possible and resume sincere essential cooperations for ensuring electoral justice and lead the election process to final destination and present an acceptable result to Afghan people, such a result to pave the way for establishment of a strong, powerful and representative parliament.
Cooperation of both commissions is serious need of ensuring electoral justice.
Adbul Akbar Noorzad

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