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Contract to process Qashqari oil signed with domestic company

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) announced that the contract for the processing of 40,000 tons of Qashqari crude oil worth 20 million dollars has been awarded to a domestic company. Homayoun Afghan, a spokesperson of the MoMP, said that four hundred tons of oil are extracted from the Qashqari mine daily and they are trying to process the mines, especially oil, inside the country. “We sold one ton of crude oil at around 500 dollars, which was a high rate in the bidding process, and 40,000 tons were sold at a value of 20 million dollars. Some economists said that extracting mines in a transparent manner and processing them inside the country has a positive effect on economic progress. “Afghanistan is an untouched land, so the extraction and processing in the country can increase employment and, at the same time, create work and economic prosperity in the country,” said Abdul Zahur Mudabir, an economist. The Chamber of Commerce and Investment said that the country’s oil extraction cannot meet the needs of the market, and businessmen from Russia, Iran, and Central Asia import oil and gas into the country. “I think that the country’s needs are very high, and Afghanistan needs a lot of work and a wellequipped refinery so that we can meet the market’s needs,” said Mohammad Yonis Momand, deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment. According to information from the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Afghanistan has five oil fields, and currently, oil is being extracted from the Amu Darya oil field, and efforts are being made to extract oil from other oil fields as well. Tolo

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.