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Continued silence of Islamic world against Israeli brutalities in Palestine

A view shows houses and buildings destroyed by Israeli strikes in Gaza City, October 10, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

It is time that all members of the Islamic world should have a single
voice and unanimously announce their support to the Palestinians
and stand with them politically, militarily and economically.


Early last week on Saturday, backed by a barrage of rockets, Hamas, the Palestine’s military unit, stormed from the blockaded Gaza Strip into nearby Israeli towns, killing hundreds and abducting others in an unprecedented surprise attack during a major Jewish holiday Saturday. The group by launching large-scale attacks from three sides captured nearby Israeli areas. Hamas was formed in 1987 at the start of the first Palestinian uprising, or intifada, against Israel. It is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational Sunni Islamist group that first formed in Egypt. Hamas, the Arabic acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement,” wants to create a Palestinian state. It rejects any peace deal with Israel, which it refuses to recognize. The world was stunned by Hamas’ rapid and surprise attack on Israel as international political and military experts made various analyses about it and considered it a shameful defeat to the Israeli side particularly to its intelligence agencies. The Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu is now under severe pressure following the surprise attack on the country. In fact, due to this successful and surprise attack, apart from extensive human and financial losses, Israel suffered a heavy loss to its morale and international position. The country has not faced with such huge human and financial losses since the wars in 1973. In order to hide their human and financial losses as well as military defeat and get back its losing position in the world, the Israeli government has stepped up bombardments of civilian homes, hospitals and educational centers in the Gaza Strip and some other areas, resulting in the martyrdom of many civilians, including women and children. Besides conducting continued airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government has continued the besiege of the Gaza Strip, where over 3 million Palestinians who need water, electricity and fuel are living in bad conditions. Despite of all the brutalities of the Israeli side, the United States and other Western countries have announced their full support to the Israeli government. On the other hand, the Islamic world has kept silent as always. Apart from Afghanistan, Iran and a few other Islamic countries, others have not even diplomatically supported the Palestinian side, which is a matter of hugely disappointing. This comes at a time when most Islamic countries have their own modern and wellequipped army having all the military and economic possibilities, and the long and continued struggles of the Palestinians are to free the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is a holy place all Muslims and all should take part in defending it. However, the silence and continued indifference of the Islamic world in this regard is a great betrayal of Islam and Muslims, the results of which will be dire for the Islamic world. It is time that all members of the Islamic world should have a single voice and unanimously announce their support to the Palestinians and stand with them politically, militarily and economically. They all should get united and have a unified voice against the Israeli government so that the Israeli side stops its air strike on the Gaza Strip. This is the responsibility of the Islamic world to support and stand with their Muslim brothers if facing with challenges and brutalities from the enemies. Abu Sufia

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