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Consultation with people key to survival of systems

As experience has shown, governments and systems that have consulted with the nation and shared national and public issues with the nation have lasted longer and been more effective in the survival and endurance of that government. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which has emerged from among the nation, also considers important this vital issue and in many cases consults with the nation and representatives of the nation on the affairs of the country and strives to strengthen the foundations of national unity and Islamic brotherhood. In the early days of the Islamic Emirate’s takeover, more than five thousand of religious scholars, politicians, influential figures and representatives of the nation, including government officials, gathered in the Loya Jirga tent and discussed important issues, expressing their views directly to the Islamic Leader Mawlavi Hibatullah Akhundzada and senior officials of the system. Even today, the elders of the country, at any level, express their views on important and decisive issues of the country and consider national unity and Islamic brotherhood as one of the prominent examples of the Islamic system and one of the better ways for the survival of the government and they constantly emphasize the continuation of this method. Without a doubt, a system that is in contact with its nation and consults with the nation on important issues is not doomed to fall and will forever have the support of the nation. Unfortunately, the previous regimes were the ones imposed on the people of Afghanistan by the world powers through fraudulent and false elections. Therefore, the people distanced themselves from the regimes and ultimately, those regimes collapsed and an Islamic and national system has been established in Afghanistan. The current system has been achieved through immense sacrifice and the unwavering support of the people, which brought the greatest global power to its knees, and the mujahidin once again achieved great victories. Therefore, the Islamic system considers consultation with the noble people as its religious and national duty, and is in contact with its people for better governance and the implementation of the noble Sharia law, and shares the important issues of the country with its people. Also, the Afghan people warmly welcome and support their system and all the ethnic groups live like brothers in the country and play a key role in the country’s affairs and they do not refrain from any kind of support and cooperation for the survival of the legitimate and popular government. We hope that the Islamic Emirate will pay even more attention to consultation with the people and consider the role of the Muslim nation in the survival of the Islamic system as important, and hold more firmly to the rope of this secret.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.