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Consultation; a short way to success

No one can achieve success through his intellect alone and not every person has experience in all matters. So everyone must know his home, village and country. About issues relating to administration, listening carefully to the advice of elders, wide wise people, and experienced individuals and thinking about them, and then leaving the evil and practicing good helps one achieve success. Maybe some people will think that they don’t need anyone’s advice, or they will think that if he/she listen to someone else’s words and advice or ask them questions about their own issues and ask them for advice, then it will be their weakness, but, such an idea is never correct, rather it is a false arrogance and negative perception. Also, the holy religion of Islam has recommended its believers for practicing forgiveness and ordered people to forgive the mistakes of their friends and family and consult with them in matters important to them. Because, with such a behavior, the holy Prophet of Islam could gather people around him and advise them about religion. Many clear examples can be read in the Prophet’s biography about listening and accepting advice, which is considered a very useful lesson for Muslims and should be read carefully. Also, about listening to advice, there is another thing that it is possible that every person has a lot of words, recommendations and advices to the rulers and officials or have various objections and criticisms, which will definitely lead to reforms in a system. For example, more than forty million people are living in our country and naturally, many people among them are leaders, experienced, and very intelligent people. They also call themselves servants of the country, the nation, and the government as well as people who are willing bad and act against the system. This situation demands that the ruling leaders should be more tolerant than others, because, when every individual has full opportunity to share their words and ideas with the rulers, through hundreds of TV channels, radios, newspapers, and social media, it’s not possible to blame all of them to be against the system and punish them or take them to jail. The fact is that this solution is not constructive and the government cannot be strengthened by taking into account and prosecuting all the protestors. So, government officials should have and hear the advice and recommendations of the elders, experts, and the experienced people to gain their support in strengthening the pillars of the system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.